Japan Nuclear Crisis Comparable to Chernobyl

Widespread effects on the environment and health
4/12/11 3:20:54 pm
How bad is it? They pay the lead man holding the geiger counter on the investigation teams the equivalient of $5,000.00/day. Don't know the quality of the radiation suit provided but must presume it is not made by Hart, Shaffner ...

This qualifies as real bad news from Japan, where the severity rating of the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant has been raised to the highest level:

Japan Nuclear Crisis Spreads to 4th Reactor

It’s getting worse
3/13/11 9:52:47 pm
The amount of misinformation and purposeful over-the-top "the sky is falling and Chernobyl is about to happen" disinformation by the various anti-nuclear groups is amazing. Even Fox News is using "experts" like Joe Cirincione! For accurate, reasoned info, start with ...

Update: Nuclear Meltdown May Be Under Way

Earlier reports that a meltdown had been averted may have been premature
3/12/11 9:06:50 pm
Seems very difficult to get meaningful news about the reactor at the moment - most of what's coming out sounds like either spin or fearmongering. I really hope this doesn't kill the nuclear power industry, particularly the more modern reactor ...

NOAA Animation Shows Tsunami Spreading Across the Pacific

A computer animation shows the propagation of the killer waves
3/11/11 8:02:52 pm
re: #21 WindUpBird A day or two ago, we were joking about how we should have a wingnut tag for text quotes. Many of us simultaneously suggested Comic Sans, Charles joined in and made the addition of coloring it purple, ...