Turkey’s State Science Council Halts Publication of Evolution Books

Republican utopia
63John Q
1/15/13 12:47:30 pm
Yet another reason Turkey is not ready to join the EU - along with dismal human tights record and refusal to acknowledge its history of genocide.
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What might America look like if the Republican Party’s anti-science agenda were enshrined into law? For an answer, let’s look at Turkey, where religious fundamentalists in the government recently took a very dangerous, tragically misguided step, a step that many in the Republican Party would like to take in the …

American Thinker Sounds the Alarm (Again) on Stealth Creeping Jihad Halal Turkeys

Terror turkeys hate our freedom, plot to destroy democracy
12/10/11 4:05:02 pm
re: #73 MikeySDCA That didn't work in Chicago back in '79, though. When Mayor Michael Bilandic failed to clear the streets after a sudden February snowstorm, voter anger overcame even the Chicago Machine and handed Jane Byrne the Democratic Nomination ...

Pamela Geller’s Monumental Butterball Fail Just Keeps Going

Also: Geller promotes stealth shariah creationism
11/28/11 9:04:25 am
re: #304 lostlakehiker Newt doesn't stand a chance. The only reason he's surging in the polls is because the GOP base doesn't want to nominate Romney. Gingrich was tossed aside and marginalized by the Republicans for over a decade and ...
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