BREAKING! EXCLUSIVE! Cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson Suspended by Twitter Again

Ba da boom
7/21/15 9:59:32 am
O, How did I miss this????
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As we reported exclusively a few days ago, infamous cyber troll Chuck C. Johnson was blatantly using the account of @RonReaganLives to sneak back onto Twitter and promote his awful blog. And now, Johnson’s latest Twitter account has been suspended too. Looks like this really is a permanent ban …

Council of Conservative Citizens Website Back Online, but Spokesman Kyle Rogers Is Still Off Twitter

Unfortunately, the website’s disappearance was just temporary
6/21/15 7:10:47 pm
re: #301 Lidane Again wingnuts Popes have been speaking out about this shit for years. You're as guilty as the "Cafeteria Catholics" you derided for being pro-choice, pro-gay rights. He never said people shouldn't be able to defend themselves but ...
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Chuck Johnson Sneaks Back Onto Twitter, Attacks @DeRay McKesson Again

He can’t help giving himself away
6/11/15 11:01:51 am
re: #279 Higgs Boson's Mate re: #280 Nyet And let's not forget about Paul Bremer--appointed the Presidential Envoy to Iraq by Bush and subject to the "authority, direction and control" Donald Rumsfeld--who within less than 2 weeks after arriving in ...
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