Right Wing Loons Recycle “Twitter Gulag” Persecution Fantasy, Inadvertent Hilarity Ensues

Whiny paranoids exchange group hugs, conspiracy theories
1/06/13 7:41:56 pm
re: #511 Vicious Babushka Clue!

This morning I saw the following tweet scroll by in Tweetdeck… And when I clicked the link to the #TGDN (“Twitter Gulag Defense Network”) hashtag I discovered a brave new world of right wing paranoia and whiny victimhood. Yes, almost a year later and they’re still ranting away about …

Breaking Exclusive Newsflash! #TwitterGulag Is Still a Paranoid Persecution Fantasy

Mass wingnut hysteria continues
6/05/12 5:11:55 pm
Let me see... a GULAG camp for right-wing idiots, guarded by "evil" Lizards? Hell, I need a job (no kidding, im'm jobless right now - crisis efects in Portugal).... can I be a guard? Give a AK-47 and a German ...

About My Twitter List…

Yeah, that one; the one that’s part of the plot to send right-wingers to a #TwitterGulag
117Talking Point Detective
5/01/12 11:34:07 am
re: #112 May Day! May Day! Damning with faint praise or unintentionally ironic? As I recall, at least some of the most well-known intel after 2001 was infamously unreliable. A fairly interesting take here on the left-wing praise of Obama ...