If You Burn a US Flag, Donald Trump Wants to Throw You in Jail and Take Away Your Citizenship

11/29/16 8:07:45 pm
re: #189 Shiplord Kirel Climate change is a Chinese hoax, because Gatlinburg burns almost all the time.

Would-be tyrant Donald Trump is on a roll with his Twitter account lately, and this morning he announced that he wants to jail and revoke the US citizenship of flag-burners. Of course, in 1989 the Supreme Court ruled that burning a US flag is constitutionally protected free speech. And …

Breitbart Hack Ben Shapiro: The Arrest of Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Is “Tyranny”

They’re really getting nuts now
226Saint Stephen
9/06/15 2:09:33 pm
It's quite simple, really. Republicans do not believe in the rule of law if said rule happens to be something they disagree with.