Britain Votes to Leave the EU

Brexit wins
6/24/16 5:47:21 am
re: #59 Great White Snark oil is priced in dollars internationally. the dollar is becoming very strong against all other currencies, so it takes fewer dollars to control oil purchases.

The BBC is now calling the EU referendum and Britain has voted to leave the European Union, in a stunning backlash of far right nationalism that is already having serious consequences around the world.

Former Reviewer of UK Terror Laws: Publishing Snowden’s Leaks Did Huge Damage to UK Security

Police who detained Greenwald’s partner David Miranda were “rather kind to him”
10/25/13 5:42:24 pm
re: #108 Kragar Rejoice that you recognized the the Bible thumping Illuminati whackjob without too much time wasted. Every cloud has its silver lining.