D.C. and Maryland File Lawsuit Against Trump for Breaching His Constitutional Oath

“Never before has a President acted with such disregard” for the Constitution
6/12/17 9:28:28 pm
In Virginia, if I see someone using a turn signal, I just presume it was on when they bought the car and didn't know how to turn it off.

More trouble for our so-called president today: he’s now being sued by the District of Columbia and the state of Maryland for violating the Constitution by taking millions of dollars in payments and other benefits from foreign governments, and refusing to keep his promise to divest himself of his …

“Strict Constitutionalist” Rush Limbaugh Cheers Trump’s Call to Destroy the 14th Amendment

Trump’s plan “has people standing up and cheering”
8/18/15 8:52:35 am
re: #179 Shiplord Kirel They already have, actually, America's First Openly Gay Imam Performs Same-Sex Marriages politix.topix.com I guess I just blew their minds.

Ted Cruz, “Strict Constitutionalist,” Wants to Amend the Constitution to Ban Marriage Equality

Cruz wants to enshrine homophobia with a Constitutional amendment
10/07/14 12:29:12 pm
re: #363 Charles Johnson Seriously? You mean his award winning IQ, or his graduating from top schools fat and dumpy didn't enable him to see the glaring logical problems with the book?

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says We Should Deny Bombing Suspect’s Constitutional Rights

Awful people
4/19/13 10:23:42 pm
re: #231 Kurt Princeton Rush has gotten exactly what he demands from all of his sheep. He has convinced you that he is THE ONE with the answers, and then, proves it to YOU, by your obvious inability to think ...

Rick Perry Wants to Amend the Constitution for Supreme Court Term Limits

Strict constitutionalists want to change everything about it
116Pacific moderate
9/01/11 11:13:12 pm
I'm actually sympathetic to having term limits for the Supreme Court, albeit of the longer variety, maybe 15 or 20 years. We're now seeing presidents pack the court with young mediocrities like Thomas, Roberts and Kagen, Justices that they expect ...

Republicans’ Tea Party Stunt Interrupted by Tea Party Birther

1/06/11 1:55:27 pm
re: #138 moderatelyradicalliberal Bush and Clinton were White. The intensity that the Right Wing Media has put on Obama is well beyond anything we have seen in this country since the 1960s. The GOP happily caters to these people because ...

The GOP’s Drive to Tear Down the Wall of Separation

10/27/10 8:44:38 pm
re: #112 theheat I just re-read Ghost Story by Peter Straub... the most interesting thing about it is.... SPOILER ALERT * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPOILER ALERT ...It doesn't actually ...

Christine O’Donnell is Not the Only GOP Politician Who Denies Separation of Church and State

10/20/10 1:45:21 am
re: #752 lostlakehiker What the fuck traditional marriage penalized? Who are you, man? There's some weird fucking nasty-ass inhuman attitudes orbiting this blog, blows my mind sometimes Seriously libertariansim is just a creepy ideology, just can't stomach it, at least ...

Video: Christine O’Donnell’s Idiotic Statement on the Establishment Clause

154Mad Prophet Ludwig
10/21/10 12:14:46 pm
re: #141 JustaDummy Ohhh... what a slimy reverse on your part. No, I was pointing out that you were doctrinally incorrect. When you were commenting on what the bible does and does not say. Whether or not the government supports ...