Must-See Video: John Oliver on Uganda’s Horrific Anti-Gay Laws

Featuring Pepe Julian Onziema, Rock and Roll George Washington and Break Dancing Abe Lincoln
6/30/14 9:19:49 pm
re: #340 EPR-radar So I guess you won't be voting for any Republican for the next century or so?

Yes, the United States has made huge progress in gay rights in an amazingly short period of time, but our religious fanatics are doing incredible damage in places like Uganda.

Rush Limbaugh, Defender of the Lord’s Resistance Army

Disgusting does not begin to describe it.
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10/16/11 1:35:14 am
re: #390 publicityStunted Sometimes you just have conservatives. The October and the Islamic revolutions can arguably be conceived as conservative reactions to the preceeding conservatives having had gone too far in their activities. But those revolutions were not in spirit ...

Video: World Net Daily Columnist Supports Uganda Death Penalty for Gays

2/23/10 9:39:55 pm
re: #10 Gus 802 The same thought occurred to me. It's all an appeal to authority. I like the founders, but not everything they thought. Washington, Jefferson and others owned slaves for example. Does this justify slavery? The Bible assumes ...

The African Baby Boom and Bush’s Abstinence Programs

12/15/09 12:01:27 am
re: #617 Charles Lots of bills have spending strings attached directing that the money be spent in certain ways, or not in others. This objection makes even less sense to me. I'm required to fill out onerous paperwork if I ...