The Week in Trump

The craziest presidential campaign in US history
94De Kolta Chair
8/22/16 12:41:15 pm
re: #5 Eclectic Cyborg Goddamn pessimists! ;-) But srsly and boy howdy, that is the longest covered bridge I've ever seen.

It’s been an amazing week for Donald Trump. His former campaign manager is being investigated for taking money from Russian sources to attack Ukrainian independence. Disgraced sexual harasser Roger Ailes is now advising him. The head of his “veteran’s outreach” program says Hillary Clinton should be executed for treason. …

Rush Limbaugh: Crash of MH17 Is “An Opportunity to Abandon the Bad Obama News at the Border”

Expect the Right Wing Unison Parrots’ Chorus to chime in too
313Higgs Boson's Mate
7/18/14 5:12:31 am
WTF caused Malaysian Air Lines to fly that aircraft over a hot war zone in the first place? And who in hell thought that they'd be advantaged by shooting down a civilian airliner? I've become too old, the world doesn't ...

Malaysia Airlines Plane Crashes in Eastern Ukraine - Possible Missile Attack

A possible attack with an advanced Russian surface-to-air missile
1017-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
7/17/14 1:52:22 pm
re: #17 Charles Johnson Well, Charles, it would be routine behavior for when I was in the military. Remember, in boot camp, when they took all your cologne, booze, and intimate pictures away? They used to divvy all that up ...

Kremlin Accidentally Posted the Real Crimean Annexation Vote Results on their Site

Before Putin up the Really Real Result (wink, wink)
78Unshaken Defiance
5/06/14 3:51:09 pm
re: #24 Skip Intro What a complete fool. All we can hope is he fades away without hurting anyone. Who just wakes up and says he is and can start a mercenary outfit? I suspect this guy has very little ...

Ukraine Concedes Crimean Peninsula After Russia Seizes Navy Base

Cossacks grabbing land
178Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/20/14 3:35:37 am
re: #177 Dom And what does this actually, concretely mean? So you want them to man the borders, or actually intervene? And no, I don't have any 'ideas'. I don't think all problems are easily soluble. I didn't have any ...