Scott Walker Tells Dana Loesch Mandatory Ultrasounds Are ‘Just a Cool Thing’

All the chicks dig them. They’re groovy.
663The Major
5/28/15 6:29:39 pm
re: #647 Ace-o-aces And he's gloating that this account won't be taken out because it's under the control of a different person. Looks like Twitter's policy needs to be tweaked to not only cover in-duh-viduals but the web properties they ...

Displaying an amazingly horrible tin ear and that casual misogyny for which the Republican Party has become well-known, Gov. Scott Walker, a probable presidential candidate, says that government-mandated ultrasound examinations for women seeking abortions are “just a cool thing.” This is a beautiful illustration of why it’s vitally important …

The GOP’s Invasive Ultrasound Craze Spreads to Idaho

Caveman laws popping up all over the nation
2/28/12 9:14:35 am
re: #281 Dark_Falcon I think I've found the problem with your political party DF, it's the base. The base that demands people be 100% pro life. Maybe you can dissolve the public and elect another in its place?

The GOP’s Slut-Shaming Ultrasound Craze Spreads to Alabama

Right wing social engineering
2/28/12 5:12:02 am
It is ALL about religious superstitions about embryos and zygotes. No legislation insists a male endure a urethral probe to demonstrate how his penile cavities function before prescribing Viagra. No legislation insists you have a scraping from a suspicious mole ...

Video: VA Lawmaker David Albo and the Dreaded ‘V’ Word

They have no problem shoving an ultrasound wand into it, just don’t say the word
2/27/12 3:05:56 pm
re: #5 Lidane If you can't bring yourself to say it, you have no business calling yourself an adult. Blushing over naughty words is something you're supposed to get over in school.

Right Wing Blogs in Massive Fail Mode Again

Or, the lamentations of the wingnuts
2/22/12 7:04:10 pm
Damn it why to the pro abortion people always leave right before I can show up? Is there anyone on this board who thinks abortion should be illegal? Anyone at all? I'd love to have a debate on this!

VA Governor Backs Down on Invasive Ultrasound, but the Bill Still Stinks

No state rape - just state-mandated slut-shaming
153Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
2/22/12 4:39:59 pm
re: #152 I'm a Lefty Moron I speak on behalf of women because of actual harm being done to them, not because their religious feelings are getting insulted. I don't think Mormons are going to give a shit about that ...

Another Right Wing Lie: Planned Parenthood Does Not Require Ultrasounds

Right wing disinformation machine kicks into high gear
92dr. luba
2/22/12 1:49:37 pm
re: #89 Obdicut There's also the expense....and inconvenience. It's generally much more expensive to do procedures in a hospital than in an outpatient setting. Hospital ORs are more oriented towards major surgery, and schedules are often exercises in fiction. Cases ...

Jon Stewart on the GOP’s Uterus Inspection Bill: Punanny State

Women might consider this a TSA patdown inside their vaginas
44Slumbering Behemoth Stinks
2/22/12 11:18:07 am
re: #43 To hold my temper, most of the time. Well, at least you threw some protein in there. Eating nothing but sugar and then wondering why you feel sick doesn't exactly strike me as very bright.

Virginia House Delays Vote on GOP Uterus Inspection Bill (Again)

The public outcry is having an effect
176Egregious Philbin
2/21/12 8:20:20 pm
As a native Arizonan, I just gotta say sorry. Sheriff Joke is a disgrace to mankind. At least he is really old and according to the actuarial tables, he won't live much longer

CNN’s Dana Loesch: ‘Don’t Get an Abortion and You Don’t Have to Worry About Ultrasound’

Loesch lets the right wing cat out of the bag
2/20/12 6:17:32 pm
Extending Dana's warped logic, let's pass a federal law stating that anyone who wishes to register as a Republican must first subject themselves to water-boarding to determine if this is truly what they want to do. Don't want to be ...

Va. GOP Demands Invasive Vaginal Ultrasound Procedure Before Abortion

The Republican Party’s total war on women’s rights
2/15/12 7:36:22 am
This is exactly why I worked to preserve the Democratic majority in the state senate here last year to act as a bulwark to prevent nutty shit like this from being passed. We've lost that and now the Republicans have ...

Womb with a View: The Fetal Circus Goes to Congress

A show to convince Congress to vote for the ‘Let Women Die’ bill
10/14/11 2:01:32 am
re: #113 000G Well not now, anyway! Even if it's thousands of miles away from me. And when?! Not until I am personally ready!