Scott Walker Tells Dana Loesch Mandatory Ultrasounds Are ‘Just a Cool Thing’

All the chicks dig them. They’re groovy.
663Eric The Fruit Bat
5/28/15 6:29:39 pm
re: #647 Ace-o-aces And he's gloating that this account won't be taken out because it's under the control of a different person. Looks like Twitter's policy needs to be tweaked to not only cover in-duh-viduals but the web properties they ...
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Displaying an amazingly horrible tin ear and that casual misogyny for which the Republican Party has become well-known, Gov. Scott Walker, a probable presidential candidate, says that government-mandated ultrasound examinations for women seeking abortions are “just a cool thing.” This is a beautiful illustration of why it’s vitally important …

The GOP’s Invasive Ultrasound Craze Spreads to Idaho

Caveman laws popping up all over the nation
2/28/12 9:14:35 am
re: #281 Dark_Falcon I think I've found the problem with your political party DF, it's the base. The base that demands people be 100% pro life. Maybe you can dissolve the public and elect another in its place?
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The GOP’s Slut-Shaming Ultrasound Craze Spreads to Alabama

Right wing social engineering
2/28/12 5:12:02 am
It is ALL about religious superstitions about embryos and zygotes. No legislation insists a male endure a urethral probe to demonstrate how his penile cavities function before prescribing Viagra. No legislation insists you have a scraping from a suspicious mole ...
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Video: VA Lawmaker David Albo and the Dreaded ‘V’ Word

They have no problem shoving an ultrasound wand into it, just don’t say the word
2/27/12 3:05:56 pm
re: #5 Lidane If you can't bring yourself to say it, you have no business calling yourself an adult. Blushing over naughty words is something you're supposed to get over in school.
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VA Governor Backs Down on Invasive Ultrasound, but the Bill Still Stinks

No state rape - just state-mandated slut-shaming
153Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
2/22/12 4:39:59 pm
re: #152 I'm a Lefty Moron I speak on behalf of women because of actual harm being done to them, not because their religious feelings are getting insulted. I don't think Mormons are going to give a shit about that ...
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Another Right Wing Lie: Planned Parenthood Does Not Require Ultrasounds

Right wing disinformation machine kicks into high gear
92dr. luba
2/22/12 1:49:37 pm
re: #89 Obdicut There's also the expense....and inconvenience. It's generally much more expensive to do procedures in a hospital than in an outpatient setting. Hospital ORs are more oriented towards major surgery, and schedules are often exercises in fiction. Cases ...
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CNN’s Dana Loesch: ‘Don’t Get an Abortion and You Don’t Have to Worry About Ultrasound’

Loesch lets the right wing cat out of the bag
2/20/12 6:17:32 pm
Extending Dana's warped logic, let's pass a federal law stating that anyone who wishes to register as a Republican must first subject themselves to water-boarding to determine if this is truly what they want to do. Don't want to be ...
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Va. GOP Demands Invasive Vaginal Ultrasound Procedure Before Abortion

The Republican Party’s total war on women’s rights
2/15/12 7:36:22 am
This is exactly why I worked to preserve the Democratic majority in the state senate here last year to act as a bulwark to prevent nutty shit like this from being passed. We've lost that and now the Republicans have ...
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