After Classified Briefing With Comey, Democrats Are “Outraged”

1/14/17 7:22:51 am
re: #346 Eric The Fruit Bat I am posting this on my FB. Giving you credit of course.

I think most people who aren’t hard core Trump cultists realize at this point that FBI director James Comey played a large part in tilting the 2016 election, by releasing that statement about “new Hillary Clinton emails” in the last days of the campaign — newly discovered emails that …

His Fraudulent Story Exposed, Jim Hoft Tries to Edit History

Right wing blogger ethics
93Chez Ko Pe
11/25/14 3:33:29 pm
For God's sake, LGF even located the unaltered scan on Hoft's servers. That's like finding cake frosting all over the face of your unaware child as he swears he never touched the cake. Hoft not only lied, he claimed to ...
Chuck C. Johnson posing with his best friend

The Unethical, Dishonest Ebola Coverage of Right Wing Stalker Chuck C. Johnson

Lies, personal attacks and unethical behavior
11/01/14 9:05:26 am
"Ethics" and "Ethical Behavior" have never had any place in the right wing mindset. Ever. "Might Makes Right" and any means to the ideological goal are the keystones of their ideology. This is the sort of world they wish to ...