IBEW Investigates Trump’s Union Claims

via The Electrical Worker Online
8/28/16 1:24:34 pm
re: #433 jaunte With one or two of them in the audience.

The Backwoods family is lifelong union and we are very proud members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). MrBWS is a journeyman outdoor lineman who works 50 hours a week maintaining and upgrading the electrical grid. When storms hit, he and his fellow linemen are the ones who …

Final Poll on Wisconsin Recall: A Very Close Race

Walker leads by only 3 points
6/04/12 12:06:32 pm
re: #90 Daniel Ballard Actually it works on a larger group of voters than just the under motivated and unaware. Group one: low income, as a rule working long hours with no slack for time to contest disenfranchisement. ("Hey boss? ...

Univ. of Missouri’s Statement on Andrew Breitbart’s Videos: ‘Highly Distorted’

‘Definitely taken out of context’
5/10/11 1:48:31 pm
I'm gonna send this along to Maher. He had Breitbart on his show last week and let him say some really ugly things about the president. I was hoping he'd do some fact checking this week, but he didn't. The ...

Judge Blocks Wisconsin Anti-Union Law

A restraining order against Scott Walker’s union-busting bill
74Eventual Carrion
3/18/11 12:21:15 pm
re: #43 darthstar Well it is quite a departure from the former 1600 Pennsylvania resident that couldn't chew a pretzel and sit watching a game on TV at the same time without disastrous results.

Wisconsin Republicans Ram Through Union-Busting Bill

The GOP’s war on workers’ rights takes a nasty turn
3/11/11 9:41:45 am
re: #13 wlewisiii So the people that faced the yelling and angry mobs, but continued to show up to work to do their jobs are the cowards, and the people that fleed the state to avoid a quorum are the ...

Stephen Colbert on the Cheese Uprising

Colbert takes on the filthy, greedy unions
2/23/11 3:43:56 pm
re: #17 Talking Point Detective Right. Texas is a right to work state and has a HUGE budget deficit. They can't use public employee unions as scapegoats, so instead they are cutting prenatal care for the poor, mandating ultrasounds to ...