Trump Team Prepares to Purge Government Employees Who Believe in Climate Change

Disaster is upon us
255Blind Frog Belly White
12/09/16 3:54:31 pm
re: #254 gocart mozart You know who ELSE was confident in his actions? // Seriously, though - a man who has failed so spectacularly so many times should not be confident in his actions.

Republican Lunatics Vote Against Rights of Disabled People

Heartless bastards do it again
12/04/12 11:52:55 pm
You know, I didn't always agree with Bob Dole's positions but he is a gosh dang war hero and has more honor and character in his pinkie finger than, well.....the current form of the GOP has none, zip, nadda. For ...

Rick Santorum Now Writing for World Net Daily: ‘The UN Wants to Kill My Daughter’

Former presidential candidate promptly pens crazy anti-UN rant
12/03/12 7:12:45 pm
Ignorance is bliss, intolerance divine, conspiracy theories abound, and racism is thriving at that pinnacle of the delusional right wing blogosphere known as WND ... which certainly explains why these folks are so enamored with Righteous Rick.

Video: Ron Paul’s 1998 John Birch Society Documentary on the UN Plot To Take Over the USA

13 years later, still no takeover
12/26/11 7:58:10 pm
re: #77 SanFranciscoZionist Ha, wait till he finds you're a troo, truly black Black. Then, the fun really starts with blathertarians and libbercons, in particular. Whites are always bragging about that they hear what's said behind our backs when we're ...

A Thank You to the Right Wing Blogosphere

A new era
9/23/11 9:08:18 am
Well, so much for forcing Abbas to abandon the bid for Palestinian statehood. NBC is reporting the Palestinians have formally applied to the UN for full status. Next up, the expected US veto, hopefully joined by others.

NATO Airstrike Kills Qaddafi’s Son

The Colonel barely escapes
557funky chicken
5/01/11 11:31:54 am
re: #83 Dark_Falcon Yes it is. But that's not how it will play for a lot of Muslims. And bombing a private residence is not a good idea, regardless. If intel assets saw Mo and wife enter the home, they ...