Examiner.com Publishes Then Deletes an Unbelievably Deranged Wingnut Conspiracy Fantasy

Your inadvertent wingnut hate comedy of the day
485Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
6/01/13 6:05:58 am
re: #484 engineer cat I didn't say it has. No, no anxiety at all. It's just true, I'm afraid, that there's no reason to think it persists after death. And quite a few reasons to think it doesn't.

They’ve deleted it from their site now, but if you hurry you can still see examiner.com’s freaky anti-Obama conspiracy fantasy in the Google web cache: Was President Obama High on Coke While Benghazi Burned? - Arlington Conservative | Examiner.com. “Arlington Conservative” is Dean Chambers, the delusional nutbag responsible for one …

‘Unskewed Polls’ Right Wing Kook Launches ‘BarackOFraudo.com’

Squeezing more cash out of gullible wingnuts
129Romantic Heretic
11/20/12 2:44:56 pm
re: #123 Eventual Carrion My wife saw that at a Denny's in Georgia. She was behind two black couples. They tried to seat her first. She told them "Not before you seat the people in front of me." The waitress ...