The Little Green Footballs User’s Guide

The LGF User’s Guide, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born
7/10/13 9:48:56 am
re: #24 FemNaziBitch When my grandson was born, I was surprised to find out that my SIL got 6 months maternity leave from his $$$ bank employer, and my daughter only got 3 months leave from her ICU nursing care ...

One of the things we’ve needed for a long, long time is finally here: a real User’s Guide to the many features of this whacked out website. It’s a lot more fun to code than to document code, and since I could never seem to find time to write this …

The Little Green Footballs User’s Guide, Part Three

How to create your own LGF Pages
4Birth Control Works
7/09/13 3:25:15 pm
There are geeks, nerds, normal people and geezers. nerds make the internet work geeks inherently undertstand how the internet works normal people have to read a little geezers have to printout some the instructions. Thanks for making this geezer friendly. ...