The House GOP Looks To Gut Antiquities Act

Undermining purpose and protections of national parks
105I Stand With Planned Parenthood
3/27/14 4:34:37 pm
Got to go into the City today for a Book Talk. Jenny Bowen talked about her book Wish You Happy Forever: What China's orphans taught me about moving mountains. She also talked about the NGO she started called Half The ...

Just a day after the House voted largely along party lines to gut the Antiquities Act (222-201, with all but 10 Republicans approving and 3 Democrats crossing over to approve), a Texas Republican is looking at gutting the whole purpose of national parks by opening up the parks to oil …

Utah GOP Pushes Sex Education Bill That Prohibits Teaching Contraception

Right wing fantasy land
2/24/12 3:40:45 pm
You know what? FUCK THE GOP! Fuck those woman hating bastards. Everyone of them. In my home state of Texas, the GOP is set to kill a program that funds preventative care and contraception for thousands of poor and low ...
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