Breitbart Denies Being “Alt-Right,” Then Runs Article Defending White Supremacist Group VDARE

8/22/17 7:44:18 pm
re: #43 HappyWarrior Before 9/11 too He'd have heeded the memo

The far right propagandists at Breitbart “News” denied a few days ago that they’re an “alt-right” (read: white supremacist) publication, despite their dear leader Stephen Bannon’s explicit statement that Breitbart is “the platform for the alt-right.” This is something these people always do; they’ll tell you exactly what they are …

Breitbart “News” Finally Goes All-in on White Supremacism

The dead end of Breitbart’s hate site
3/31/16 6:09:09 pm
re: #146 IHateYahoo As a game developer with 20 years experience, I can tell you that gamergate is trash, and is nothing more than a mob of idiots who are dedicated to the concept that people should be allowed and ...

Anti-Immigrant Leader Mark Krikorian Cites White Supremacist in National Review Column

NRO’s ongoing white nationalist problem
2/11/14 9:30:07 am
re: #212 Pie-onist Overlord I love the Tea Party, who apparently are all big friends of asshole Vladmir Putin now, raving about freedumb and tyranny.

Derbyshire: ‘White Supremacist’ Is ‘Not Bad Semantically’

A white supremacist by any other name
5/13/12 3:38:11 pm
re: #424 WINDUPBIRD DISEASE [S.K.U.M.M.] We should let all the Ayn Rand fans have a parcel of land in which to "go Galt" just for the entertainment of watching them seek a bailout within the first 5 years.

Live Video: Mitt Romney Speaks at CPAC, Sharing Billing With White Nationalists

Where’s the press on this?
2/10/12 3:53:15 pm
re: #342 Charles Johnson I swear if it were possible to revoke someones Black Card this dude would be second in line behind Jesse Lee Peterson.

Rep. Steve King Defends White Nationalist at CPAC

Overt racism becomes mainstream this year at CPAC
650William Lewis
2/10/12 11:54:27 am
re: #623 Feline Emperor of the Conservative Waste I am not especially surprised given the content of some of his other novels. Some of the absolute monarchy worship and environmentalists as "The Ultimate Evil In The Universe" gets old quick. ...

Live Video: CPAC 2012, With Bonus White Nationalists

Presidential candidates lend their names to promote white supremacism
301The Ghost of a Flea
2/09/12 2:37:39 pm
re: #300 Obdicut The undomesticated versions of a lot of food plants are pretty amazing to compare to the current varietes: teosinte versus corn, wild chiles--about the size of dime--versus the several thousand cultivated varieties--et cetera. Relative to Mr. Cameron's ...

CPAC Panel Will Feature White Nationalist Leader Brimelow

Overt racism at CPAC
2/09/12 3:49:51 am
One other thing worthy of note: Srj Trfkovic hails from "The Chronicles" - which is another hotbed of white nationalism from the Rockford Institute (Rockford Illinois) - it's where the Northern Fundamentalist and Orthodox Catholic Bigots cross pollinate with Southern ...