Ted Cruz Says Anti-Vaccination Parents Have a “Religious” Right to Put Children at Risk

The GOP is very quickly morphing into the anti-vaxx party
2/05/15 7:26:13 am
In the netherlands it is simple..... If your kid is not vaccinated it does not go to school. The religious nuts (yes we have them) are literally a menace to other human beings by not vaccinating. Its funny that the ...

Rand Paul’s Comment About Parents ‘Owning’ Children Was Not Random

Received wisdom from Murray Rothbard
2/03/15 1:48:46 pm
While I see some pretty crappy attitude toward kids coming from the libertarian ideals I don't see where they claim to own children. What does this mean? The emphasis is mine.

Rand Paul: Parents ‘Own’ Children, Not the State, So Vaccines Should Be Voluntary

Dangerous stupidity
2/03/15 4:32:19 am
Since it appears Republicans and anti-vaxxers nowadays give more weight to personal antidotes over actual scientific evidence, I'll participate: From my own high school and personal friendships, I know personally of 3 college professors , 2 Creative Directors for major ...

Vox Misrepresents Obama’s 2008 Vaccination Stance

Vox spreads misinformation
393Romantic Heretic
2/02/15 4:26:45 pm
re: #368 Kragar Made the mistake of scanning that. Once again I ask myself, "What is it about so many professed conservative's faces that makes me want to punch them? Is there some genetic cause? Did they all have the ...

Obama Urges Parents to Vaccinate Kids, Chris Christie Says It’s a “Choice”

2/02/15 1:51:29 pm
re: #82 ObserverArt There probably were but it was a long time ago so I don't remember all of the stupidity on display. The anti-vaxx propaganda was what stood out in my mind since it is such paranoid bullshit.

Donte Stallworth on Climate Change and Vaccines

The strange views of Huffington Post’s new national security analyst
9/07/14 9:06:55 pm
re: #179 ausador What makes a nation-state? On paper, I suppose it's recognition by the UN or by other nation-states. But then, is the Republic of China-Taiwan a nation-state? Another standard might be that there's a community of people, a ...

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars): HPV Vaccine ‘Ravages’ Girls

The anti-vaccination candidate
47Justine Defarge
11/16/11 5:40:48 pm
Cervical cancer also ravages girls. Ask my neighbors down the street, who lost their 15-year-old daughter to cervical cancer. I bet they'd be happy to have her with "headaches, pains and seizures" if they could just have her back. Maybe ...

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars) Doubles Down on Anti-Vaccination

Family values
9/17/11 12:10:54 pm
Michele Bachmann's banal, nonsensical rhetoric is 40% demagoguery, 20% paranoid delusion, and 40% the result of being an ignorant dumbsh*t. Bachmann and Palin share fundamental character flaws -- both have a propensity toward making snide, petty comments about those with ...

Fact-Checking Michele Bachmann’s Anti-Vaccine Lunacy

The Republican Party’s total war on health science
9/17/11 9:43:28 am
The unfortunate part about the wingnuttery approach to the vaccine: They've got the religion wrong in addition to the science. Their interpretation of the Bible is flawed on many levels. The chief question when you hear someone talking nonsense about ...