Watch Live: Trump Rants at the Far Right Values Voter Summit

322A Cranky One
9/09/16 5:43:41 pm
re: #313 jaunte The Republican approach to foreign policy and domestic governance resembles the thinking of a domestic abuser. Classic example of domestic abuse: Repeal Obamacare or we'll shut down the government. There, done. See what you made us do? ...

Remember when Donald Trump tried to position himself as a great friend of the LGBT community? Well, here he is speaking to one of the most radical anti-gay hate groups in the US, Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council. It’s really not news any more when Trump reveals what a …

Donald Trump Does the Bible Pandering Dance at Values Voter Summit

Much pander, so nice
9/25/15 5:48:32 pm
re: #35 Backwoods_Sleuth I think Democrats need to make some kind of deal with the candidate who is the most fire-breathing conservative in the House: "We just want you to promise that you'll continue to be an unredeemable asshole. And ...

Bachmann Calls for Religious War Against Islam: “Kill, Kill, Kill”

“Yes Mr. President, it is about Islam!”
9/27/14 5:18:16 am
for those who want to install statues of the Ten Commandments everywhere on all public property they sure do have a problem with at least one of these commandments. Well, two for sure. Bearing False Witness is simply par for ...

Michele Bachmann at 2013 Values Voter Summit: Obamacare Is “Death Care”

“In the next shutdown, they’ll halt kidney transplants in progress”
204Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
10/12/13 7:07:53 am
re: #203 Charles Johnson I can't believe that's real. 21st century Republicans are an embarrassment. Good comment under his article: Ted: You're an idiot. Your "article" violates your own comment guidelines.

Rick Santorum: “Smart People Will Never Be on Our Side”

An instant wingnut classic
9/16/12 10:39:35 am
re: #43 Targetpractice It's hardly a new phenomenon. Plenty of smart people understand how to manipulate the rubes by pretending to be "one of them." There has to be a certain degree of sincerity, though, or it's a hard sell. ...

Religious Right Craziness on Steroids: Hillary Clinton Is Plotting to Shut Down Churches and Synagogues

9/15/12 12:26:57 pm
And all this time I was hoping we were going to really atart doing GREAT things..people in general, advancing. Curiosity, is ready to stretch its legs! NetZero, a forward looking group, is going to revolutionize all a sorts of things. ...

GOP Rep. Calls Planned Parenthood “Racist Baby Killers” at Values Voter Summit

What war on women?
20Patricia Kayden
9/14/12 3:02:36 pm
So let me get this straight. Republicans are trying their best to stop Blacks from exercising their rights to vote in several states. They're even trying to keep Obama's name off the ballot in at least one state. A Republican ...

Live Video: Glenn Beck Weeps at Values Voter FanaticFest

Remember this guy?
10/08/11 2:38:28 pm
re: #45 Charles Adds a whole new dimension to that idiotic LDS bullshit theology of the Curse of Cain. Go, Herman! Make those white Southern Baptist confederates vote for The Black, since they have something to prove about it. /Schadenfreude ...