And Now, Donald Trump Is Threatening Military Action Against Venezuela

259Joe Bacon 🌹
8/11/17 9:51:25 pm
re: #53 Brian J. I can vouch for CA-34 because I live in The district. In the primary there were three Berniebots and 1 Green. All of them were slamming Jimmy. Only made me more determined to get people out ...

Well, folks, as a finale to one of the craziest weeks yet for the Trump Horror, today he actually threatened to use military force in … Venezuela. Man, did we ever dodge a bullet by not electing that war-monger Hillary Clinton. UPDATE at 8/11/17 5:03:36 pm by Charles Johnson …

National Review Finally Posts Correction for Fake “Venezuela” Photo After Michelle Malkin Throws Tantrum

Blames “abjectly stupid libs” for the National Review’s screw-up
6/02/15 8:43:46 pm
I gave the Comments a pretty-good look-see and, I can't believe I'm the only one who noticed...Lowry/NRO has finally fessed-up. His words: "Snafu" is actually an acronym: SNAFU=Situation Normal- All Fucked Up. 'Bout time.

Busted! National Review Crops and “Dirties” Photo From Austin Walmart, Claims It Shows “Venezuela”

Alleged pic of empty shelves in Venezuela is actually from a Wal-Mart in the US
6/01/15 2:13:02 pm
re: #555 antonk9000 Is anyone here claiming that Venezuela has a good economy? The point is that Sanders doesn't support what NRO calls "Venezuela style socialism". He's an admirer of Scandinavian style democratic socialism which is an entirely different animal. ...

Greenwald’s Latest Snowden “Scoop:” US Spying on Latin and South America

7/10/13 7:04:24 pm
re: #186 Lidane Don't forget Ohio, where draconian abortion restrictions were signed off by Kasich as part of the budget. The measures were not introduced as legislation. Good times.