IndyStar Confirms: Gov. Mike Pence Is Trump’s VP Pick

A hardline anti-science social conservative
545The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
7/14/16 6:35:03 pm
re: #544 gocart mozart Which is nice.

The Indianapolis Star reports they have confirmed that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s VP pick. Pence is well known as a very hardline social conservative, and built his base among the neocon crowd by being a strong supporter of the invasion of Iraq. Donald Trump has been …

SC Dem Chair Brings the Ugly

498We need G.C. Scott
9/11/08 12:08:49 pm
Have a sneaking suspicion that attempts at verbal or physical obstructions (especially toward the elderly, those least likely to support Obama and most easily approachable by stormtroopers intent on intimidation) of polling precincts in November will go above and beyond ...

Biden to Israel: Get Used to Iranian Nukes - Update: Biden Denies

98Sacred Plants
9/02/08 4:55:30 am
More and more countries are trying to obtain nukes as a talisman which they believe would disburden them from solving their problems. The number one foreign policy nerd of the other party is trying to taboo any serious debate over ...