In Which Donald Trump Victim-Blames Puerto Rico

203Big Beautiful Door
9/26/17 6:55:54 am
re: #95 b.d. (bill d.) Now watch Florida and Texas Republicans who voted for billions in aid for their states refuse a package for PR without matching cuts to domestic spending.

Donald Trump finally noticed the monumental disaster in Puerto Rico tonight, and tweeted about it. And he blamed Puerto Rico.

Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow’s Grotesque Victim-Blaming: Jews “Surrendered” to the Holocaust

There’s a real sickness in the right wing
10/10/15 4:21:21 pm
re: #157 Bubblehead II As an old Dorothy Sayers fan, the first thing that sprang to mind was The Nine Tailors and the traditional death knell. Rather glad to hear it's just a nice ritual prayer.