Is Facebook “Censoring” Conservative News? Facebook VP Replies.

5/11/16 9:26:41 am
re: #47 Lidane So much this. Even though it's bullshit. I just looked at my Facebook trending topics and it has links for Duck Dynasty idiot giving his expert opinion on bathroom laws, plus even a trending story on how ...

Here they go again. Following a thinly-sourced report at Gizmodo that Facebook “suppresses” conservative news sites by preventing them from showing up in the Trending News section, the entire right wing universe launched into an orgy of whiny victimhood because they knew this was happening they just knew it! …

Trump Cancels Chicago Rally, Whines Incessantly About It All Over Cable News

3/12/16 9:53:43 am
Shouldn't all the venues hosting Trump rallies cancel them at this point? He can't guarantee that there won't be violence. His rallies are a security risk. I don't want to see anti-Trump supporters keep getting injured and having Trump supporters ...

RNC Spokesman on Cliven Bundy: Conservatives Are the Real Victims

A fine whine
189Patricia Kayden
4/25/14 2:59:57 pm
re: #14 Varek Raith Exactly. We would never have heard about Cliven Bundy unless Hannity, Fox News, Rightwing media and Republican politicians had not brought him to our attention as a hero, patriot and Gandhi-like figure. As Ms. Morrisette asked: ... Proves That Google Does Religious Doodles by Posting Pictures of Santa Claus And Elves

And the sacred choo-choo train
74Sir John Barron
4/01/13 7:09:48 am
re: #48 Vicious Babushka You'd think for one day the people with BODS could take a rest, particularly on a religious day, which they claim to support. But, no, BODS cannot rest. Ever.

Mitt Romney Panders to the Religious Right With Phony ‘War on Religion’ Ad

More lies from mendacious Mitt
8/10/12 6:34:59 pm
The degree of hyperbole in Mitt's speeches and ads is directly proportional to the degree of desperation felt among his campaign staff with respect to his prospects in the 2012 election.

Gingrich Doubles Down on Victimhood Propaganda

Right wing grievance mongering on steroids
1/12/12 12:04:40 am
Things aren’t looking good for Newt Gingrich, so he really has no choice but to double down on hatred, bigotry, and ridiculous victimhood inversion memes This is all socons have ever had. Anti-miscegenation, whites-first, males-first, heteros-rule, hide those with disabilities; ...

Rick Perry: We Need a Constitutional Amendment to Allow Prayer in Schools

American theocracy
12/12/11 6:02:52 am
What would Perry do if someone called Azan over the school PA system? Allaahu Akbar Ash'hadu an laa ilaaha illallaah (x2). Ash'hadu anna Muhammadan-rasulullaah (x2). Haya 'alas-salaah (x2). Haya 'alal falaah (x2). Allaahu Akbar (x2) Laa ilaaha illallaah. Probably just ...