Trump Adviser Clarifies: Hillary Should Be Shot for Treason, Not Assassinated

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re: #68 Charles Johnson Pretty sure it's Hewitt. He seems to be the one who parts his hair on the left
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The co-chair of Donald Trump’s “national veterans’ coalition,” New Hampshire state Rep. Al Baldasaro, made headlines last month when he said Hillary Clinton should be executed for treason. Today he’s taking a cue from the tiny-fisted fascist and whining that the dreaded liberal media “went against the law and …

Norquist Predicts a ‘Tea Party Second Wave,’ #Breitbart Commenters Want ‘Armed Insurrection’

As the angry wingnuts rage
12/02/12 3:34:39 pm
These are angry people, but they have as much to lose as anyone. The myth of "revolution" is just that- a total myth. You still cherish the Suburban, you still love the house and the gun collection, the swimming pool. ...
• Views: 24,110 Target Joe Williams Will Leave Politico

Raving loons without standards set the agenda for Politico
119Patricia Kayden
7/01/12 9:29:32 am
While I am sad that Joe Williams had to leave Politico, I think he'll be alright. Hopefully, either MSNBC or some other media organization will pick him up since he was an excellent political commentator. Interesting that Glenn Beck can ...
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Breitbart Editor John Nolte: ‘Teachers Who Take Kids to Protests Should Be Murdered’

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4/16/12 4:40:15 pm
re: #134 The Ghost of a Flea Scotch whisky (note the spelling) today is aged in barrels previously used to age either sherry or bourbon. It's traditionally made from malted (sprouted) barley, although other grains are sometimes used. Peat is ...
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