Chris Thile and Brittany Haas Keep It Reel: “Crow Molly / Ship in the Clouds”

222Colère Tueur de Lapin
1/22/18 3:08:15 am
re: #23 goddamnedfrank Late reply, but. Latest studies out are indicating that repeated head bashing can lead to CTE, no concussion required. So, basically, the game is unsafe to play, period. Pretty sure I don’t have to say this here, ...

This is just so good. Chris Thile and Brittany Haas play these insanely complex parts together like one person.

Friday Night Music: O’Connor, Pattituci, and Lage

147The Sanity Inspector
2/22/10 7:46:55 pm
re: #146 Jimmah I'd argue that the reverse happened: Obama apologized to the Islamic world in Cairo and promised that America would straighten up. Then came two Muslim terrorist attacks on our soil, one deadly. (Not sneaking, just late; hope ...