Jacob Collier Live @ Village Underground, London: “Don’t You Know”

7/29/16 12:42:50 pm
re: #517 Franklin NOW you've done it--that brought tears to my eyes. If my mother hadn't wanted her ashes scattered, I would love to do the same. (Maybe I'll watch a Gloria Steinem speech in her honor--Gloria spoke at my ...

Here’s a stunning live performance by Jacob Collier of one of the most complex tracks on his debut album.

Saturday Acoustic Virtuoso: Tommy Emmanuel, “Halfway Home”

So good he’s a little scary
11/10/13 7:57:55 pm
re: #221 Dark_Falcon Translation: "Reagan is my superhero, and I will not believe anything bad about him. Even if virtually everyone, including other Republicans, admits that Reagan was pandering to states rights racists." If you knew ANYTHING about Miss., you'd ...