Newsweek Reports on the Growing Alliance Between Netanyahu’s Likud Party and Europe’s Anti-Semitic Far Right

The disturbing acceptance of European hate groups in Israeli politics
4/18/15 3:52:33 pm
re: #156 allegro I don't know. She didn't go through, but bought outside with a company called "Coventry One". It actually pays quite a bit with a low co-pay (except for the nebulizer she is supposed to use, which ...

Long-time readers of LGF will recognize many of the names of people and organizations called out in this piece by Charles Hawley; these are the very fascists and antisemites who made alliances with American “counter-jihad” groups years ago, leading me to make a clean break with them and their hateful …

Moronic Convergence Watch: Pamela Geller and World Net Daily

A match made in wingnut heaven
5/24/11 8:11:21 am
re: #336 Killgore Trout Isn't that what conservatives like about him? Dimmer than Palin, even almost as dumb as O'Donnell, not quite as unhinged as Paladino, even more telegenic :/ than Allen West. He is just the type they think ...

A Fascist Summit Meeting in Belgium

129W of O. The Time Zone Warrior.
2/26/10 8:46:21 am
re: #119 oaktree I don't know why the Turkish community adapted easier to the Dutch society than Moroccans did. Perhaps it's because Turkey is partly on the European mainland and the mentality is closer to the Dutch.

New Report on the BNP Released

7/17/09 12:40:52 pm
re: #72 Fenway_Nation Here ya go, a very extensive database of gang symbolism, tattoos and artwork. The Odin cross is very conspicuous, especially in the KKK related stuff. The Celtic cross on the other hand, is absent as far as ...

BNP Leader Griffin: ‘Islam is a Cancer Requiring Global Chemotherapy’

463Charles Johnson
7/12/09 1:23:28 pm
re: #462 Mad Mullah If you want to echo the words of Nick Griffin, find another blog to do it at. As several people have pointed out, these are the kinds of words Nazis use. If that's how you want ...

The Fascist Strategy of Entryism

202Mostly sane, most of the time.
5/22/09 9:07:09 pm
The link I am about to post is from the LDS web site. The reason is the second half of the talk I am posting to--it's the story of a woman who actually did go through a forced relocation because ...

‘Pro-Koln’ Fascist Update - Day Three

5/13/09 12:58:06 am
re: #195 rtaglienti Historically, fascists are racial supremacist purists, and communists are class distinction opponents. Totalitarian collectivities may be far right fascists using race as a justification, far left communists using class as a justification, or fundamentalist theocracies using religion ...