From the G20 Meeting, Trump Posts Bizarre Tweet About John Podesta

A window into a disturbed mind
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re: #364 The Spite House Nope, it really wasn't.

Some people say we should just ignore Trump’s tweets, but I think that’s a mistake. These short messages he posts on Twitter are a window into how his mind works — or in many cases, fails to work, or misfires. Arguably, Trump’s tweets are a far more accurate picture of …

This Flow Chart Shows the Disturbing Connections Between Trump, Russia, White Supremacists and Ethnic Nationalists

12/20/16 2:48:25 pm
re: #138 darthstar You don't think 1% of Trump's voters might have been offended by ?? Even the overt racists might find it off-putting that he speaks that way about his own offspring.

Putin: “Snowden first met with our diplomats while in Hong Kong.”

Just a friendly tip for the New Yorker.
1/22/14 4:50:16 pm
re: #396 Lidane And of course, if the fetus should survive and manage to be born and nurtured through whatever horrible deficits it has, these same folks will send it home to dad and provide absolutely no support. God never ...