What a Philadelphia voting machine looks like when it's turned on

Were Philadelphia Voting Machines Rigged to Prevent Voting for Bernie Sanders? Nope.

Fake report of voter suppression broadcast by NY Daily News writer
220Eric The Fruit Bat
4/28/16 2:54:56 pm
re: #215 HappyWarrior Someone really got bored and created this.
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New York Daily News writer Shaun King has turned his Twitter account into a non-stop over the top advocacy platform for Bernie Sanders, and a couple of days ago he tweeted the following video, with the description: “Philly voters saying polls won’t let them vote for Bernie.” Well, I …

Romney Parrots False #Breitbart.com Claim That Obama Is Trying to Restrict Military Voting

Romney’s main tactic: lying outright
76Patricia Kayden
8/05/12 5:23:15 pm
re: #50 LudwigVanQuixote Not very optimistic that the US will ever have any meaningful gun control laws, unless this country makes a sharp turn to the left. It won't be Obama either. It would have to be a much more ...
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