Excellent News: Supreme Court Affirms NC Racial Gerrymandering Case

352Jebediah, RBG
5 days, 17 hours ago
re: #268 Skip Intro My wife is beyond him, too.

We have a bit of potentially excellent news for the 2018 midterm election, as the Supreme Court affirms that the Republican Party in North Carolina deliberately used gerrymandering to marginalize black voters in North Carolina. The congressional map they put together in 2011 is now invalid.

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11/04/12 9:27:05 pm
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76Patricia Kayden
8/05/12 5:23:15 pm
re: #50 LudwigVanQuixote Not very optimistic that the US will ever have any meaningful gun control laws, unless this country makes a sharp turn to the left. It won't be Obama either. It would have to be a much more ...