Did Obama “Suggest Mandatory Voting?” A: No.

CNN click bait time
3/20/15 1:56:20 pm
re: #108 missliberties In a perfect world those people would be to stupid to vote. lol
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This is one of those media distortions that makes me nuts, as CNN pushes the absolutely false meme that President Obama said anything like, “Maybe it’s time for mandatory voting.” Notice that the CNN headline attributes these words directly to Obama — but he never said them. Their own …

Romney Parrots False #Breitbart.com Claim That Obama Is Trying to Restrict Military Voting

Romney’s main tactic: lying outright
76Patricia Kayden
8/05/12 5:23:15 pm
re: #50 LudwigVanQuixote Not very optimistic that the US will ever have any meaningful gun control laws, unless this country makes a sharp turn to the left. It won't be Obama either. It would have to be a much more ...
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