Video: Obama Fired Up: “Read Up on Your History - Your Vote Matters!”

9/18/16 11:53:28 pm
re: #89 De Kolta Chair He plays Zach Galafiniakis' mother. Zach is a rodeo clown, and they live in Bakersfield.
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Reply President Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus yesterday, with some powerful remarks about the urgent need to get as many people out to vote as possible in this election. This is a must-see for anyone tempted to think their vote doesn’t matter. It matters. Here’s the full …

Facepalm of the Day: Rand Paul Is “The Closest Thing Republicans Have to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson”

10/10/14 9:57:41 pm
Rand Paul is just like all of the other GOPTPers when it comes to Black Americans. He underestimates our intelligence and has no idea how knowledgeable we are about politics and politicians. He thinks we blacks will vote for him ...
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Missouri GOP Senate Candidate Todd Akin Wants to Repeal Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts

Bad right wing craziness
274Patricia Kayden
8/20/12 3:58:39 am
Akin "apologized" for the rape comments based on all the blowback -- even from the Righties. Has he apologized for the voting rights comments? Seems like there was no blowback re those comments, which I find disturbing.
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