Remember 9/11 - 13 Years Later

9/11/14 3:01:48 pm
re: #11 Schadenboner I probably would not have cancelled my class because I'm crazy like that (I lectured on the day my mother died, too). But it would have been harder. Without having seen the event, it was easy to ...

I’ve written essentially the same opening each of the past few years. It’s still appropriate to remember today, as it was when I first wrote this: %%FOLD%% Victim Number One would be there to comfort those who fell. Rev. Mychal Judge of the FDNY was comforting fallen firefighters and office …

12 Years Later: Remembering 9/11

Heartache and pain that may fade, but will never be forgotten
9/11/13 2:43:42 pm
re: #188 Donna Ballard 'leftynyc' may have went a bit hard on the hyperbole, but I have to respectfully disagree with your response. The NRA hasn't been a sane advocate for gun owners and gun safety in many years; one ...

The Battle for Ground Zero Revisited

10 years of pain, heartache, and now a completed memorial and rising skyscrapers
9/12/11 6:36:40 am
Charles, Thanks for promoting this to the front page. Many thanks for all the years of allow me to blog on this and other important issues of the day. It's been my privilege to present as much information as I ...