Just Another Outburst of Anti-Muslim Hatred in Texas

These people are un-American, and I’m not talking about the Muslims
1/30/15 8:07:36 am
"I did leave an Israeli flag on the reception desk in my office... covered in pork fat! That'll show those Muslims!"
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Right wing loons are always demanding that Muslims renounce terrorism and show their loyalty to the United States. And this is what happens when they do. And state representative Molly White played a major role in inciting this bad craziness.

Click This Link and the NSA Will Spy on You for the Rest of Your Life

Most ridiculous hyperbole yet?
313unproven innocence
7/03/14 4:42:09 pm
Charles - "If you click the link, don't blame me ..." Too late. For years, I've already been visiting heavily monitored sites like boingboing, linuxjournal, krebsonsecurity, schneier's blog, grc, and (ahem) lgf. But I think my life wreckage began when ...
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Rand Paul: We Should Leave Assad Alone Because He’s Only Killing Muslims

The libertarian loon contingent weighs in
9/02/13 9:28:43 pm
This nonsense out of his mouth might be one of the nicest gifts sane people have had this year. His absurd statements may well have already torpedoed his Presidential run in 2016. Sure, the GOP Red Meat Brigade will like ...
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Gun Nut Statement of the Day: If Slaves Had Guns They Wouldn’t Have Been Slaves

These people are not right in the head
78Skip Intro
1/12/13 6:49:48 pm
re: #14 Stanghazi Talk about gun lunatics. Shot by her husband, who then shot himself. So who does the family want donations to go to? The family requests donations be sent in Hain’s memory to the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association. ...
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Daily Caller Writer Casts Off Chains of White Guilt, Embraces Inner Racist

Bicycle theft leads to race-based epiphany
231Talking Point Detective
4/10/12 4:30:29 am
re: #38 Kronocide I disagree with most rightwingers on almost everything - but at least usually I can understand the logic of their thinking process. The following statement from that article however - expressing a sentiment that I've heard quite ...
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