Glenn Beck: The White House Correspondents Dinner Is Like Being “Raped”

“They don’t get the tattoos, they give the tattoos”
471Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
5/06/14 5:36:42 pm
re: #470 Political Atheist That's a statement of ideological commitment, but it's not even an argument based on that, just a statement. I know that is your position. What I'm asking you is how you would go about trying to ...

I admit the White House Correspondents’ Dinner thing isn’t my favorite event to watch, although it’s not the worst, either (that might be the Grammys). But Glenn Beck will never forget the one time he went to the dinner, because, he says, it was just like being raped. And …

Rush Limbaugh vs. Stephen Colbert and the Nature of Reality Itself

“That’s why I’m called the mayor of Realville”
5/02/14 6:48:52 am
A very Randian rant, & one that warps reality. Colbert's continual exposure of the right through satire and lampoon all of these years is closer to reality than most of Rush's theocratically driven drivel.

Pat Robertson Fondly Recalls the Days When Gays Were Stoned to Death

Plus, paranoid Satan fantasies
3/27/14 8:17:00 am
re: #508 gwangung You make a very good and important point. Legal abortion is one of the safest medical procedures of all. What the religious right wants, put plainly, is to deny 21st-century medical care to 21st-century American women. This ...

Video: Bryan Fischer Fantasizes About White Conservatives “Getting Busy”

The white moon
7/04/13 6:33:31 am
For years after passing anti-abortion protests, I've noted to friends that I've only seen white folk, mostly older white folk demonstrating here on Long Island. Given the demographics of who is getting abortions, I've always wondered if preserving the "White" ...

Rand Paul Shares His Opinion on Marriage Between Species (We Think He’s Against It)

“Does it have to be humans?”
573Charles Johnson
6/27/13 11:09:10 am
re: #572 RemainCalm "Libertarian heartthrob" means he's the heartthrob of libertarians. But trying to claim that Rand Paul isn't a libertarian himself is just as laughable as his "sarcasm" excuse. He's very much a combination of far right paleo-conservative and ...

Gun Activists Say: Obama Is Raising a Private Black Army to Massacre White People

Weapons grade batshit racism
2/23/13 6:08:04 pm
re: #4 Kragar (Antichrist ) They were fine as long as they could be bigots and discriminate against others they don't like in a mainly covert manner, but when Barack Obama became president, having a blah in the WH was ...