Casual Bigotry From the Front Page of the Wall Street Journal

Perpetuating stereotypes and misconceptions—for profit
347klys (maker of Silmarils)
9/13/14 10:42:43 am
re: #345 1Peter G1 Your lack of reading comprehension is really, truly impressive. Also, I fixed your statement there, to make it more accurate and less bigoted. Cheers.
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The author of this column, published September 9th on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, is an award-winning journalist and author. Therefore I cannot attribute his writing here to sloppiness or factual cluelessness. I do not care to research his past work to decide if he is …

Wall Street Journal Editor James Taranto: The “War on Men” Is What’s Important

6/19/13 12:13:19 pm
I'll grant that there are some problems facing men, some reasonably important: infant male circumcision, biased custody rulings, underfunding for prostate cancer research. Maybe a few others. But it's absolutely not a war on men. It's guys like Taranto who ...
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