With Less Than 3 Months in Office, Trump Launches His First War

But those emails
4/07/17 6:53:55 am
What are Tomahawk missiles, like a million a throw? -most expensive Maga-lardo weekend evaarrr. Trump to Xi -"you like this evening's fireworks display?"

U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack. Expect this airfield to be back in operation within days. In 2013, Trump said Congressional approval was necessary for launching a bombing strike on Syria. Chalk this up to one more example of his sociopathic hypocrisy.

Israel Authorizes Call-Up of 75,000 Reservists for Possible Gaza Incursion

Ground war imminent
11/17/12 12:32:02 pm
re: #197 SanFranciscoZionist To be clear I stand for the rights of all citizens and working towards a resolution that recognizes borders and needs of both countries. I wish for as few deaths as possible on both sides. Just to ...