Mike Huckabee Pledges to Criminalize Abortion Even if It Leads to “Riots in the Streets”

Won’t someone please pay attention to Huckabee?
123retired cynic
10 hours, 23 minutes ago
re: #115 Backwoods_Sleuth Does anyone else thing Jindal's hair seems to be morphing Trump-wise?

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is watching his poll numbers drop as Donald Trump’s continue to rise, so now he’s going all-out to be the most extreme Republican on the subject of abortion, hoping to capture the evangelical audience that thinks this is a winning issue. In a recent …

In Which Donald Trump Gloats About Dominating Megyn Kelly

“I hope she comes back and she’s going to be fair and good”
370Pawn of the Oppressor
2 weeks, 4 days ago
re: #364 CuriousLurker WOW. Wowwwww. Let's see that pin-dicked fuckhead dentist try that!!! Stealing from hungry lions is hard-core :D "Rakita has just minutes before the lions realize it's a bluff" - Funniest thing I've heard all day...
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Donald Trump Raging at Megyn Kelly After She Calls Him Out for Ugly Misogyny

“You call women you don’t like ‘fat pigs,’ ‘dogs’ and ‘disgusting animals’”
167Decatur Deb
3 weeks, 5 days ago
re: #166 Teukka Read your link, and am quite certain that we received no training on the full range of signs as 1960s soldiers. (Red Cross was a training item.) Also never encountered them in 30 yrs as a DA ...
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Rand Paul in a Time Warp: Bill Clinton’s Infidelity Should Be a Campaign Issue

What kind of twisted mind thinks the way to attack Hillary Clinton is by bringing up Bill Clinton’s affair?
1/27/14 4:00:53 pm
Just a note: Monica was 22 when she met Bill. When she was subpoenaed, she was 23 or 24. The right wing always says 20, though they've all been corrected many times. Wonder why they might stick to a number ...
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Wall Street Journal Editor James Taranto: The “War on Men” Is What’s Important

6/19/13 12:13:19 pm
I'll grant that there are some problems facing men, some reasonably important: infant male circumcision, biased custody rulings, underfunding for prostate cancer research. Maybe a few others. But it's absolutely not a war on men. It's guys like Taranto who ...
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Quinnipiac Poll: Obama Has Big Lead Among Women Voters

The GOP’s war on women is paying off — for the Democrats
10/02/12 2:51:49 pm
Ah, but anyone who listens to GOP whining, and all the pre-emptive excuses they're currently inventing - knows that the polls are "skewed" -- which I guess in this case must mean that the pollsters oversampled women.

National Review Goes Full Caveman: ‘Men Select Mates for Fertility, Women Select for Status’

Throwback of the day
8/22/12 8:09:34 pm
re: #64 Dark_Falcon They couldn't disown it even if it was just online. The internet is forever, and even if NR had deleted it from their website, people will have archived it or otherwise preserved it for all to see. ...
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GOP Denounces Todd Akin, but Enshrines His Caveman Views in Their 2012 Platform

Who do they think they’re fooling?
8/22/12 12:01:03 pm
re: #13 Lidane He's a liar because I went to the Iowa State website, typed in "multicultural" and didn't get any groups popping up. I went to the multicultural student section and couldn't find any groups. I then searched for ...
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