Video: Donald Trump Embarrasses the US Again With an Insane War-Mongering Speech at the UN

9/19/17 11:02:59 pm
re: #228 Big Beautiful Door There's also all those lazy nursing home residents whose stay is funded by Medicaid. Moochers.

There’s a lot in this crazed speech to dislike and a lot to be disturbed by, but this was the most frightening part: Yes, that’s the president of the United States threatening to kill 25 million people, in front of the UN General Assembly, and throwing his now-standard schoolyard …

WATCH LIVE: Trump Announces He’s Going to Send More Americans to Die in Afghanistan

8/22/17 11:09:44 am
Funny but this reminds me of another revenge action by a president. Bush the Stupid attacking Iraq because they made fun of Bush the Old and Trump the Liar attacking Afghanistan because Russia got their ass handed to them so ...