Washington Times Columnist: The GOP Should Campaign on Creationism

Rebranding as cavemen
1/07/14 9:49:38 am
It's curious that these hateful jerks who deny evolution turn around and post repulsive caricatures that suggest that African-Americans closely resemble apes because of their their African origins. Disgusting and soooooo stupid! Can't they recognize the inconsistency?

Robert Knight, a columnist for the far right Washington Times and a “fellow” at the American Civil Rights Union (one of those right wing groups that actually promotes the exact opposite of what its name implies), advises the Republican Party that in light of recent polls showing belief in evolution …

Ridiculous Right Wing Article of the Day: Obama’s ‘Forward’ Slogan Is Marxist

You can’t make up this stuff
5/01/12 8:06:25 pm
I tweeted about this last night (my time). Here's the complete poem, which I now know has a hidden Marxist agenda. // The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Half a league, half a league, Half a ...

White Supremacist Robert Stacy McCain Back at the Washington Times

3/11/10 3:04:31 pm
re: #266 Obdicut There was an internal state issue with property taxes that came to a head a few years ago. They had redone the method for figuring the property tax and kept pushing it back until just before he ...

Wash. Times Editor: Obama’s Mother Was ‘Attracted to Men of the Third World’

373lurking faith
11/18/09 8:18:54 pm
re: #372 Royaloak It looks and smells racist; that's what's wrong with it. Pointing three times to them funny-lookin' furriners. Arguments about Obama's attitudes can be made without racially tinged language. And one could talk about his family's politics and ...