LaPierre is an extremist nut. Period

Jon Stewart Eviscerates NRA Hypocrisy

Fear leads to hate, hate leads to anger, anger leads to… more gun sales.
128Romantic Heretic
5/07/13 2:40:33 pm
Having watched the video I can think of only one thing to say, "God! They are such fucking hypocrites.
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The NRA has hit upon the selling point of all selling points to goose gun sales. Jon Stewart opines: “These types of contradictions — they use fear, we use fear — are not an anomaly, not a bug in the NRA’s system, but a feature… At the heart of the …

The NRA Gets Even Worse: New Ad Continues Attacking Obama’s Daughters, Lashes Out at Media

Gun nuts thrash in fury
1/16/13 5:06:43 pm
re: #146 Mich-again Works for me. Questionnaire for gun ownership: 1) Are you a gun nut? 2) Are you an NRA member? A "yes" on either of these two questions would seem to be sufficient reason to at least investigate ...
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