LaPierre is an extremist nut. Period

Jon Stewart Eviscerates NRA Hypocrisy

Fear leads to hate, hate leads to anger, anger leads to… more gun sales.
128Romantic Heretic
5/07/13 2:40:33 pm
Having watched the video I can think of only one thing to say, "God! They are such fucking hypocrites.

The NRA has hit upon the selling point of all selling points to goose gun sales. Jon Stewart opines: “These types of contradictions — they use fear, we use fear — are not an anomaly, not a bug in the NRA’s system, but a feature… At the heart of the …

The NRA Gets Even Worse: New Ad Continues Attacking Obama’s Daughters, Lashes Out at Media

Gun nuts thrash in fury
1/16/13 5:06:43 pm
re: #146 Mich-again Works for me. Questionnaire for gun ownership: 1) Are you a gun nut? 2) Are you an NRA member? A "yes" on either of these two questions would seem to be sufficient reason to at least investigate ...

NRA Head LaPierre on Meet the Press: “Call Me Crazy”

12/23/12 4:58:11 pm
And how does he suggest paying for armed guards in the schools? A government appropriation! I bet he normally would complain about another government appropriation! OK be conservative and let the NRA pay for the salary of the guards and ...