GOHMERT! The Government “Lures Single Women into Servitude” With Welfare

Life with Gohmert
1/25/14 3:36:05 pm
re: #96 EPR-radar I'll take two servings of the Industrial grade kind, please....

Loveable Louie was on Fox & Friends today, expounding on a favorite wingnut talking point: making idiotic comparisons between things they don’t like and slavery, though GOHMERT! was careful to call it “servitude.” And like Louie, I am so grateful for Fox News, that only beacon of truth in …

Hilarious: Jon Stewart Plays “Sodomy! Zygotes! Welfare!”

“I always knew the man in the yellow hat was bad news”
4/10/13 3:23:08 pm
re: #97 engineer cat Because Democrats started the KKK and fought to preserve slavery while Republicans freed the slaves and founded the NAACP. Duh. Why don't you people understand that? /RandPaul

American Thinker: Registering Poor Voters is Like Giving Burglary Tools to Criminals

243Stephen T.
9/06/11 6:50:19 am
re: #55 palomino I've said it before, I believe that since the GOP recognizes that they cannot convince certain segments of the population to vote for them, the only way they have to remain as a voting block is to ...

Florida Tea Party Gov. Is About to Start Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

The latest GOP attack on the poor
46Steve Dutch
5/10/11 3:43:32 pm
People are only held accountable if they're productive and self-motivated. If a scientist gets a research grant to study the environment or work on a new medical procedure, she can't get it on her own. She has to be affiliated ...