And Now for Something Strange and Funny: Kenzo, “The Realest Real”

4/09/17 3:30:00 pm
re: #264 Brian J. When translators are incapable of figuring out what Trump's saying during official meetings, that increases the chances something will get misunderstood, misremembered, or simply not translated properly. That'd be bad enough in a real estate deal, ...

Video: John Oliver on Trump’s Hostile Relationship With the Truth

If only we could sneak some facts into the president’s media diet
257The Major
2/13/17 8:27:03 pm
re: #142 Anymouse One other thing to note-these assholes wonderful people are under the false impression that area codes are hard and fixed toa specific area-that notion went out the window with cell/mobile phones. For people with an out-of-state area ...

Rush Limbaugh vs. Stephen Colbert and the Nature of Reality Itself

“That’s why I’m called the mayor of Realville”
5/02/14 6:48:52 am
A very Randian rant, & one that warps reality. Colbert's continual exposure of the right through satire and lampoon all of these years is closer to reality than most of Rush's theocratically driven drivel.