Ben Carson Whining Furiously About Debate “Gotcha” Questions

He defines “gotcha” questions as anything he has trouble answering
3 weeks, 6 days ago
Long history of "Gotcha!" questions in the devilish liberal media for God-fearing Christians. Who can forget the malevolent Katie Couric and that brain-teaser, "what do you read?"

Ben Carson is upset at CNBC, and he’s asking the other candidates to help him demand that future debates must avoid ‘gotcha’ questions. What does Carson consider a “gotcha” question? What got him so upset? CNBC moderator Carl Quintanilla’s question about Carson’s long relationship with a quack nutritional supplement …

The Stunning Hypocrisy of Breitbart Manbaby John Nolte

These people are not right in the head
7/27/15 10:57:52 am
My litmus test on who I accept as friends on Facebook has gotten very simple: Do they "like" Brietbart, Convicted Felon Dinesh D'Souza, Red State, or any of those ridiculous sites? If so, we don't need to go any further ...
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Edward Snowden’s Statement From Moscow - Update: Snowden’s Letter to Ecuador’s President

Unable to reach Pussy Riot for comment
7/02/13 6:48:42 am
If Edward Snowden had revealed some illegal governmental intrusion of individual privacy bravely in U.S. territory, and stood up for himself in a U.S. court of law, he might actually be considered a hero. But, he is no hero; he ...
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Kerry’s ‘Tea Party Downgrade’ Comment Causes Outbreak of Right Wing Whining

This was what the Tea Party wanted, so why are they complaining?
8/08/11 7:21:41 am
re: #15 Stanley Sea It's one thing to be against the war. It's another thing to give false "testimony" before a foreign "court". There's something primally wrong about bearing false witness against an innocent. It's this whole thing I bring ...
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