WATCH LIVE: Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Lies on Camera for the First Time This Month

7/21/17 8:34:49 pm
re: #273 Decatur Deb Helmet wouldn't have helped in that car anyway. Be like getting in a wreck in a cheese grater.

Get ready for the usual deluge of evasions and bullshit, as Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes the podium now vacated by Sean Spicer. The faces change but the lies never stop.

White House Press Room Cage Match! Fox News vs. the Second Stupidest Man on the Internet!

Oh the humanity
3/11/17 11:29:23 am
re: #409 William Lewis One would think that if Christian antisemitism played a role here, the interpretation would exclude specifically Christian antisemites rather than all non-Jews. Rambam, for one, lived all his life in the Muslim lands and had good ...