Donald Trump’s First General Election TV Ad Is, of Course, Horrible

With yet another connection to white nationalists
104Blind Frog Belly White
8/19/16 2:16:38 pm
re: #102 blueraven Well, after all, who'd know better what's best for black people than white people?
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Here’s the ad just released today by Donald Trump, predictably brimming with fear-mongering xenophobia and barely veiled racism. It’s an attack on Hillary Clinton that relentlessly demonizes immigrants, of course, and as Right Wing Watch points out, one of the citations it uses is sourced to the Center for …

Jeb Bush Is a Fan of “Scientific Racist” Charles Murray

Jeb Bush and “scientific racism”
4/30/15 9:44:35 pm
The Aurora, CO theater shooting trial began on Monday. It's expected to last five months. Survivors of the massacre are testifying. The perpetrator of this crime is a monster, insane or not. Whatever happens to him, he cannot be a ...
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White Nationalist-Linked Immigration “Expert” Now Writing for Politico

8/09/13 8:04:47 pm
One really does wonder why an article like this gets a down-ding. One of Richwine's little nuggets in the linked article was this gem, regarding the odious Bell Curve by Herrnstein and Murray. "As a consequence, the interesting policy implications ...
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WaPo Conservative Blogger Jennifer Rubin Cites White Nationalist Robert Stacy McCain

The new conservative baseline
504Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/28/13 7:42:20 am
re: #503 Destro You do know that a ton of libertarians vote and identify as Republican too, right? And again, it's really cool that you learned the word 'pettifog' but using it constantly is silly.
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