Hilarious: Stephen Colbert Defends Rand Paul Against Plagiarism Charges

Show a little bit of respect, Rachel Maddow
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10/31/13 11:23:50 am
re: #502 Justanotherhuman Same as elsewhere. He can be voted out, and will be eventually. He'll do a lot of damage before that. Toronto is a strange place. It used to be 'Metropolitan Toronto'. It was four large cities and ...
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Increasingly, it seems like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are doing the best reporting on television. (Click below if you can’t see the MP4 video.)

At the Paul Revere Wikipedia Page: ‘Sarah Palin’s Army Needs to Go Away’

‘If you mention Sarah Palin, you’re doing it wrong’
6/06/11 9:00:56 am
re: #183 arromdee We had this discussion (in a civilized manner) last night. If you see that user was also trying to post on the Palin Issues article and trying to get his silly explination (about Revere riding with a ...
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