Hilarious: Stephen Colbert Defends Rand Paul Against Plagiarism Charges

Show a little bit of respect, Rachel Maddow
539Romantic Heretic
10/31/13 11:23:50 am
re: #502 Justanotherhuman Same as elsewhere. He can be voted out, and will be eventually. He'll do a lot of damage before that. Toronto is a strange place. It used to be 'Metropolitan Toronto'. It was four large cities and ...

Increasingly, it seems like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are doing the best reporting on television. (Click below if you can’t see the MP4 video.)

Conservapedia’s Paul Revere Post Edited to Match Palin’s Botched History

You knew it would happen
6/06/11 9:19:48 am
Latest edit; conservapedia.com Citation needed for the most factual part of the entry, but the next one about "gun rights" does not have a citation and apparently to this edit doesn't need one!

At the Paul Revere Wikipedia Page: ‘Sarah Palin’s Army Needs to Go Away’

‘If you mention Sarah Palin, you’re doing it wrong’
6/06/11 9:00:56 am
re: #183 arromdee We had this discussion (in a civilized manner) last night. If you see that user was also trying to post on the Palin Issues article and trying to get his silly explination (about Revere riding with a ...

Palin Fans Trying to Edit Wikipedia Paul Revere Page

Right wing alternate history
470W of O. The Time Zone Warrior.
6/06/11 9:37:19 am
If this was not sad, it would be hilarious. What am I talking about??? THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!! I just can't wait to see this feature on the Daily show. Jon Stewart is going to have a field day!!! Perhaps there ...

Wikipedia ‘Blood Libel’ Page Edited Yesterday

498Elle Plater
1/13/11 6:48:37 am
This really annoys me how a term that has a globally historic meaning about appalling persecution of Jews over centuries can be bastardised and totally changed. And over some current and US only political episode. Another word that has been ...