Audio: At Wildlife Refuge, Lone Holdout David Fry Getting Increasingly Unhinged

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2/11/16 3:41:46 pm
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David Fry is the last holdout at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, and he’s now talking about killing himself. You may not want to listen to this live feed because he’s really beginning to sound deranged; he just said, “I don’t care about the movement any more.” UPDATE at 2/11/16 …

Credit: Oregon Live/Dave Killen/Staff

“Blue Tarp” Guy Killed; Ryan Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Jon Ritzheimer, Pete Santilli Arrested

The Oregon standoff is finished
1/27/16 4:02:43 pm
re: #463 Dark_Falcon Do you think it's 1840? You live in an imaginary retro version of're just another conservative born a couple hundred years too late.

Video: State Troopers Arrest Intoxicated Armed Man on His Way to Join the Bundy Militia

1/27/16 12:54:31 am
ok so let me get this straight: He is armed; he threatens to kill them multiple times; the cops go out of their way to treat him nicely. What am I missing? Oh yeah. White privilege.

Ammon Bundy and His Armed Gang of Loons Renege on Promise to Announce Departure Date

Imagine my surprise
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1/16/16 10:27:14 pm
re: #204 darthstar Again, it's no big deal. Sanders' grandkids are adopted...that's not a bad thing. But the perception of being an asshole is a lot harder to get rid of than simply not being one. And she was being ...
Oath Keepers head Stewart Rhodes

Brawl Breaks Out at Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff

When militants fight
1/08/16 4:30:05 pm
re: #143 lawhawk Well, we must remember that one of Abbott's talking points for why he should succeed Perry was that he has sued the federal government on every issue. He seems to be continuing that practice because earlier this ...