Donald Trump Re-Election Campaign Releases Disgusting Video Accusing Democrats of Being “Complicit in Murder”

1/21/18 10:56:37 pm
re: #135 MsJ I think Cotton is a "true believer" brought up on hate who fully assimilated it. Kinda hard to believe but Tom Cotton was raised by a pair of true blue Democrats.

In the era of the Trump Horror, we’re far beyond the “Willie Horton” dog whistle stage. The racist in the White House is now openly employing the most debased kind of incitement against his political opponents. Today’s example is a new ad released by the Trump re-election campaign, complete …

Sick: Official GOP Twitter Account Boasts About “Willie Horton-Style Attack” on Tim Kaine, Then Deletes Tweet

The Republican Party is deranged
457Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
10/04/16 1:37:11 am
re: #318 ObserverArt This is a concept that is left out of a lot of discussions about religions (especially a certain one that is widely practiced in the Middle East and parts of Asia): there are people who simply identify ...’s Erickson: It’s Willie Horton Time Again

7/13/10 3:38:49 pm
I had some run-ins with the original Black Panthers, and the Black Students Union, their on-campus affiliate. They were brutal, racist bully-boys, and they stole everything they possibly could. Worse, the liberals in charge of our university subsidized them and ...