Kultured Kowboy Klukkers

I love me some Nazi cowboy shit because I’m not a liberal
2/07/14 11:39:13 am
re: #224 b.d. You're wrong because shut up.

Facebook erupted today when a seller posted some allegedly prison-made spur straps sporting a Nazi symbol in that tiny corner of Facebook where Real America Good Country Folk™ are free to be as racist, illiterate, and righteous as ever. Of course it was in ALL CAPS. It didn’t take long …

Ohio GOP Politician Sends Incredibly Racist Email, Not Sorry

What right wing racism?
1/14/14 10:33:16 am
What I think is funny about this, especially with all of the flaming turdballs that are flying, everywhere, as Republicans spin to put the glaring racism of their party back on the opposition: they just don't seem to comprehend that ...