Wingnut Blogger Arrested for Photographing Sen. Thad Cochran’s Bedridden Wife

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360Feline Fearless Leader
5/18/14 1:20:12 pm
re: #221 darthstar Now is the summer of their discount tent.
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Here we see the kind of narcissistic moron who gives all bloggers a bad name (not that most right wing bloggers don’t deserve it): Activist Arrested After Photographing Thad Cochran’s Bedridden Wife.

Right Wing Media Universally Declare DNC a Failure, Obama Speech a Flop

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9/07/12 4:13:45 pm
Remarkable contrast could be seen between the two conventions: The DNC speeches were substantive, scholarly, and insightful, whereas the RNC speeches were laden with snark, superficiality, sanctimony, sophism ... and an empty chair.
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Former Michigan GOP Spokesman: ‘Is Armed Rebellion Now Justified?’

Butthurt reaches epic levels
6/28/12 3:11:21 pm
To demonstrate their commitment to our sacred U.S. Constitution, many conservative pundits and politicians strive to eliminate those Amendments that conflict with their ideology, simply ignore other sections that they find inconvenient to honor, and to pick and choose which ...
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Wingnut Blogger Outraged By Implication of Racism, While His Commenters Spew Racist Slurs at the Obamas

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59W of O. The Time Zone Warrior.
6/21/12 3:28:42 pm
I had to read that part twice but after considering, I think he might be right about the shame part. Charles didn't have to be ashamed any more of being a conservative blogger in denail.
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Live Video: Glenn Beck Weeps at Values Voter FanaticFest

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10/08/11 2:38:28 pm
re: #45 Charles Adds a whole new dimension to that idiotic LDS bullshit theology of the Curse of Cain. Go, Herman! Make those white Southern Baptist confederates vote for The Black, since they have something to prove about it. /Schadenfreude ...

Wingnut Outrage of the Week: The EPA’s “$21B Expansion”

Daily Caller gets it wrong, claims to get it right
9/29/11 12:26:32 pm
re: #153 Naso Tang Let's take those one at a time: If asking you to back up your claims because I have no evidence myself that you are correct is what you call "ignorance", than I am proudly "ignorant". I ...
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