Right Wing Driven Dems Tugging Each Other Apart

An Open Letter to All Democrats

Will you allow the right to divide and conquer us?
210(Bert the Turtle)
3/07/16 2:38:10 pm
re: #136 Stanley Sea Wha? That rules! I'd love to have that shit in my basement.

I read this diary on DailyKos concerning Bernie supporters wanting to vote Trump in the upcoming General Election. From that diary (which is exceptional; please read it in full): Let me tell you, I am pretty certain the number of Democrats willing to vote Trump are as small as …

White students to no longer be majority at school

Prepare for derpaggedon once this hits the RW blogosphere.
205Sionainn, the Nasty Devilbitch
8/10/14 4:18:42 pm
I know this is probably a dead thread, but just wanted to say that my daughters go to a magnet school. They are in the minority which is 10% white. I don't have a problem with it and neither do ...

National Review Says Soccer Is the Sport of Violence, Bloodshed and Terrorism

Soccer: Official Sport of Terrorism, by Tim Cavanaugh, National Review
6/18/14 5:15:37 am
re: #293 ObserverArt Fox News fans are not "trained" as much as that whole relationship between Ailes and the Fox News fan base is more like circle-jerk than anything else.

Issa Loses His Cool During Fake IRS Scandal Hearing, Cuts Mic and Runs

Fake scandal is fake
370De Kolta Chair
3/06/14 9:59:20 am
Libido Shuffle @eclecticbrotha @20committee @Gus_802 @Green_Footballs @bobcesca_go Breadnecked guys should not wish others to be dropping to the dead. I lost count long ago how of many times I dropped to the Dead in the 70's and 80's.

Breitbart “News” Explains Why Coca Cola’s Multicultural “America the Beautiful” Ad Was Horribly Offensive

What right wing racism?
2/05/14 9:52:54 am
Funniest comment, in case anyone missed it: "The gays" in that case being Dave Coulier and Bob Saget from Full House, neither of whose characters were gay. They were cleaning in the ad, though, so it's easy to sympathize with ...
Margaret Thatcher and Robert Mugabe

About President Obama Shaking Raul Castro’s Hand…

Famous handshakes throughout history
12/11/13 5:24:28 pm
I don't really have a problem with Churchill shaking Stalin's hand. The real problem is that that disrespectful commie, Roosevelt, is remaining seated. Hasn't he ever heard of respect?