Defunct Furniture Store Leaves Behind Hateful Message for Area “Commies”

Hard to believe this guy couldn’t stay in business!
5/12/15 10:12:46 pm
This guy. Ugh.
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You will probably be aware that Kansas is among the reddest of red states. There are, however, exceptions to every rule. Lawrence is home to the large University of Kansas and is a significant liberal enclave in the state. Recently, the owner of a Lawrence furniture store in operation since …

Breitbart “News” Explains Why Coca Cola’s Multicultural “America the Beautiful” Ad Was Horribly Offensive

What right wing racism?
2/05/14 9:52:54 am
Funniest comment, in case anyone missed it: "The gays" in that case being Dave Coulier and Bob Saget from Full House, neither of whose characters were gay. They were cleaning in the ad, though, so it's easy to sympathize with ...
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About President Obama Shaking Raul Castro’s Hand…

Famous handshakes throughout history
12/11/13 5:24:28 pm
I don't really have a problem with Churchill shaking Stalin's hand. The real problem is that that disrespectful commie, Roosevelt, is remaining seated. Hasn't he ever heard of respect?
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Called It! Wingnuts Intentionally Trying to Overload Healthcare.Gov

A DDoS attack corresponding with a media blitz
11/08/13 12:04:08 pm
re: #3 Sol Berdinowitz Still waiting for the insurance companies to apologize for all the folks they scammed into thinking they had insurance that went bankrupt and lost their homes and their credit ratings.
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Put the Quran Down [Mr. President]: Larry Klayman at Million Veterans March

And to “come out with his hands up.”
258Reality Based Steve
10/14/13 12:14:25 pm
re: #246 Amory Blaine Ask and you shall receive.... Confederate Rainbow (with Hello Kitties) Not bad for 10 minutes of Photo-Shopping. Enjoy, RBS
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Gabby Giffords’s Husband Buys AR-15 to Make a Point, Wingnuts Seethe With Rage

Wingnuts and gun nuts do another double back flip of rage
334William of Orange
3/11/13 11:03:59 am
I can't see the comments in the Gateway pundit link. Does that mean I'm blocked?? If so, COOL!!! Small message to Hoft: Image: cZCTsTM.jpg
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Wingnuts Who Predicted Doom for America Now Saying ‘We Can Survive 4 More Years of Obama’

Predictable spinning from predictable spinners
193Skip Intro
11/08/12 12:24:29 pm
re: #190 Kaessa Can Fox News become an even bigger joke? Have Rove back again and again with theory after theory while ignoring that he pissed away $300 million for a 1% return, then top it off by having one ...